Job-oriented training for the underprivileged youth of Malleshwaram

The proposed location Malleshwaram is a huge commercial area in the north-west part of Bengaluru city. This district was developed as a planned suburb after the great plague of 1898, which caused many people to move out of the city center & settle in the suburbs. Presently, the area has a total population of 1,94,068 that includes 20,000 unskilled youth, who work in the local mall and nearby areas.

Due to lack of opportunities and limited skills, most of the youth in Malleshwaram struggle to provide a decent livelihood for their families. While working as street vendors, construction site labours, coolies, hawkers and other such jobs, they are paid minimal wages. With the vision of enhancing employability in these youth, a job-oriented training is envisaged under this project that enables them to develop requisite skills for a white-collar job and grab opportunities during placements.

Under this training programme, the beneficiaries are trained to have an excellent command over English, which is a necessity for business communication. Besides, each individual undergoes personality development, which brings about a positive change in their lives. Other aspects of this programme include computer training, participatory activities, career counseling, exposure visits and life education.

Smile Foundation has partnered with Sa-Mudra Foundation to implement the STeP project.