Eradicating Child Labor from Gurgaon slums through Education

This project aims to educate children who work as daily laborers and cannot afford education due to their financial condition in Surat Nagar and its neighboring slum clusters. The parents of these children are illiterate, with low income and less knowledge about health and hygiene. Child marriage and female infanticide too are prevalent practices in these agrarian rural settlements.

The project aims to eradicate child labor and bring the children working as labour to school and get them educated. The project also aims to get rid social inequalities and evils so that a meaningful integration with the contemporary mainstream could be achieved. Regular health camps as well as awareness programmes for education and women empowerment are also conducted.

The total number of children currently enrolled at the centre is 200, belonging to the age group of 3-18 years.

Smile Foundation has partnered with Gramin Vikas Samiti for the implementation of this project.