Education for children from displaced families in South Dum Dum

This project strives to enhance the scope of holistic educational development among the children of socially and economically disadvantaged families in South Dumdum municipality area of West Bengal. This includes a large section of displaced migrants, both from India and Bangladesh. The primary occupations for livelihood in the community are daily labour, rickshaw pulling, van pulling, vegetable vending, hawking, carpentry work, and fish selling.

Attention is paid to building critical thinking skills, enhancing creativity and promoting democratic values and attitudes among the children. Computer is taught here as a regular subject, not an additional one. Workshops on mathematics and dance, health camps and music and art sessions are also conducted. Uniforms, TLM and nutrition kits are periodically distributed to the children.

Currently, 150 children are getting primary educational support at the centre.

Smile Foundation has partnered with SPAN (Society for People’s Awareness) for the implementation of this Mission Education project.