Educating the under privileged in Chattisgarh

Chikhali and Rajnandgaon in Chattisgarh are two places which are extremely backward economically and education wise too. The areas are also conflicted in terms of militancy which does not allow the people to grow. Hence all people in these areas have remained illiterate which has also resulted in their children being illiterate because the importance of it has not been felt also due to the lack of awareness.

This project aims to bring all these first generation learners to school and empower them to an extent that they are able to come out of the shackles of poverty. Better emphasis on girl children, introducing methods of teaching which would guarantee less dropouts and creating awareness among the parents that it is important to send the children to school for their own good are some of the initiatives taken by the project.

So far, more than 350 children have been benefitted from this initiative.

Smile Foundation has partnered with Sankalp Sanskritik Samiti for the implementation of this Mission Education project.