Education Support Programme- VIKASH VIDYALAYA FOUNDATION

A technocrat (electrical engineer), retired from the State government of Orissa, instead of taking the safe recourse of leading a quiet, comfortable, hassle-free life chooses to contribute something worthwhile for development of his village and fellow people- starting value-based and work oriented education to students from underprivileged rural families as a Mission. With such Mission in heart, Vikash Vidyalaya Foundation (VVF), a non-profit Public Trust, took birth in a remote unknown village named Pardhiapali in Sambalpur District of Orissa.

Greatly inspired by the thoughts, belief and preaching of his Late Gurudev (teacher) that One MUST try to give back, even a little, to the society and community which has given them so much in their life; the Messiah in Shri Nrusingh Nath Misra took upon himself the crusade of “giving back” – exclusively depending on the meager sum which came to him byway of pension every month.

Established in 1994, by Shri Misra teaming with a small group of socially conscious and dedicated friends, the Foundation aims to provide a model of Quality Education addressing needs of rural areas and people in totality. The Foundation therefore proposes to build a Community-centered Residential Educational Complex and other Centers such as Rural Community Center, Community Health Centers, Vocational Training-cum-Production Centers etc.

Under it’s Quality Education Project, the Foundation, in the first phase proposes to provide free boarding and lodging facilities to 100 children from under-privileged section of society studying in class 6th to 10th standards in nearby formal schools. These children are proposed to be given personalized care and opportunity for their mental, physical and spiritual development. The students are also to be associated with social welfare and development activities in and around surrounding villages. The students are also to be given opportunity for skill-development vocational training in certain trades of their interest so as to make them self-reliant and act as a dedicated volunteers guiding the people of their respective villages in village up-liftment and rural development.

Vikash Vidyalaya Foundation, through it’s other Centers (proposed) aims to act as a catalytic agent between development agencies and villagers for carrying out various community based development activities.

The Foundation with it’s meager (indigenous) financial resources has by now been successful only in partial construction of what is referred to as Vikash Vidyalay Ashram in a picturesque surrounding in village Pardhipali with some basic infrastructure / facilities such as water supply, electricity connection, telephone and a shed- with massive plantation, mostly with forest species.

A modest beginning has also been made from academic calendar 2002-2003 by providing free-of-cost hostel facilities with food – to 20 underprivileged students of class 6th studying in nearby schools-and providing opportunities for all-round development and vocational training besides coaching them on formal school subjects. Prior to it, free coaching classes on formal education was arranged for some students reading in nearby village schools. They were also given training on drawing/painting, Yoga, from time to time, and associated in various vocational activities, cultural programmes. The Foundation has a staff of 3 teachers-one of them being the principal. The dedication of these teachers are amply illustrated by the pleasant fact that assisted by the students, the teachers including the Principal, cook themselves for the whole group.

Smile Foundation having been successful in tracking down such low-profile, publicity lacking, endeavor in an otherwise remote rural corner of the country reflects not only the genuineness of the organization’s efforts but equally significantly illustrates the eagle eye through which it scans, identifies and chooses, through it’s own network, meaningful initiatives at micro-level worthy of extending it’s support.