Support for the differently abled

This Mission Education project in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, is focused on helping the differently abled people. The project has been implemented to develop and initiate a variety of services on the promotion of education and community based rehabilitation of this special community.

Provision of support services to the disabled persons is another important focus area of this project. For the benefit of orthopedic impaired persons in particular, construction of concrete ramps at the centre has been carried out. The ramp is named “Smile Foundation Barrier Free Access.” Infrastructural support is also being facilitated in other ways at the centre.

The centre runs various programmes for the prevention of blindness and other disabilities, besides providing professional and vocational training to the specially-abled. Rehabilitation and assistive devices, community based rehabilitation, research and development are some of the other programmes conducted at the centre.

Smile Foundation has joined hands with the country’s largest blind welfare organization – Blind People’s Association, for this project.