Cultivating young minds of Ayyapakkam Village

Smile Foundation’s Mission Education project centre at Ayyapakkam village, Avadi in Chennai, Tamil NaduNadu aims at providing basic schooling to the disadvantaged children in the area. The project also takes care of their healthcare needs and imparts vocational education to them.

Children of construction workers, auto drivers, vegetable vendors, fish vendors and farmers of Konambedu, Reddipalayam, Annanur, Narayanapuram and Ayyapakkam villages, in the age group of 5-16 years are inducted under the project and provided basic education and healthcare facilities.

Many of the students at the centre are the first generation learners in their families to go to school and most of their parents are indifferent towards their education. Special efforts are made to motivate the parents to educate their children. Remedial education on individual subjects like Mathematics, Science and English is provided along with bridge course education to the drop outs so that they can be mainstreamed accordingly, into their age appropriate classes.

With the goal to empower underprivileged children and make them self-reliant, healthy and confident, value based and quality education is imparted to the children wherein they get the opportunity to exhibit their inner talents. Examinations and training programmes are conducted on a regular basis.

Smile foundation has partnered with Iniya Udaiyam Charitable Trust for this project.