Education for children from migrant communities in Delhi

The projects provides education and primary healthcare to children living in and around the slum clusters of Jagadamba Camp (Sheikh Sarai), Balmiki Camp and Chirag Delhi in Delhi. People living in these communities are mostly migrants from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, working as daily wagers, rickshaw pullers and domestic workers.

The project identifies children who have never been to school as well as school drop-outs, and provides them quality education to facilitate their mainstreaming in the formal education system. Every year 150 children are being mainstreamed into reputed public and private schools from the centre.

Children between the age group of 3-5 years are provided pre-school education, besides being nurtured in a secure and healthy learning environment. Basic cognitive skills, social decorum and positive values are imparted to these kids, which they unable to receive due to absence of parental care in their early childhood.

The project also provides educational support to the older children who are already in school and find it difficult to cope up with academics. This aspect is especially designed for children of Class 9th and 10th, to help them with difficult subjects like Mathematics and Science, so that they can confidently pursue higher studies in streams of their choice.

Smile Foundation has partnered with Aarohan for this Mission Education project.