Addressing the educational needs of rural children in Bangalore

This Mission Education project addresses the educational needs of the rural children of Cholanayakanahalli in Bangalore, Karnataka. It serves communities below poverty line, where most of the children are first generation learners, born to young parents who do not have basic education or skills and migrate from rural areas in search of opportunities to cities and end up in slums.

Children’s education does not top the priority list when providing basic needs and health care itself is a struggle. Even if children are sent to school, it’s very likely that majority of them would drop out of school by the time they become teenagers. This is the challenge that the centre addresses to make sure young girls and boys focus on education and go to college and become independent, responsible and positive contributors to the society.

There are 350 children currently enrolled at the centre who come from and around R.T Nagar, Bhuvneshwari slum, Chammundinagar, Kuntigrama, Hebbal, Kanakanagar& Subramaniyanagar. The project follows strict norms of student eligibility, while admitting new children. It also focuses on parent’s involvement in the children’s education process.

Smile Foundation has partnered with Sukrupa for this project.