Education for children of migrants in Gurgaon

In operation in areas of Prem Nagar and Rajeev Nagar in Gurgaon, this project provides quality education to the underprivileged children, youth and migrated women. In addition to these, the people are provided with healthy nutritious food and taught various new skills which may be helpful for getting them a job for living.

The families living in the aforementioned areas are mainly migrants who live in poor conditions. For livelihood, they work as vegetable sellers or daily wage labourers, leaving behind the children at home. These vulnerable children stroll around the streets all day and grow up without their basic rights of education, adequate food and medical aid.

At present, the project is reaching out to more than 500 children who are from such families. These children are either school dropouts or non school goers. The project strives to develop reading habits and instill moral education through books in the children, and also ensure regular health and hygiene check up for them.

Smile Foundation has partnered with Mera Parivar for this Mission Education project.