Working for the educational needs of children in Port City

This Mission Education project aims to fulfill the educational needs of disadvantaged children in the urban and rural areas of Visakhapatnam district in Andhra Pradesh. The main aim of this project is to bring runaways, orphans, child labourers and children from extremely poor families in the fold of education.

Visakhapatnam, being a prominent trade centre, attracts a large migrant population from surrounding areas and other parts of the country coming to work in its factories. A significant proportion of this migrant population comprises of daily wage labourers, living on a bare minimum. The children at the centre come from these families.

Parents-teacher meetings are conducted regularly every month wherein feedbacks are given regarding the child’s progress, strengths, weaknesses and talents. These meetings encourage the parents, mostly daily wage labourers who have never been to school, to become involved with their children’s education.

Along with education, the centre focuses on the hygiene and health conditions of these kids, as most of them live in dilapidated tenements in overcrowded slums. Committed volunteers are the real backbone behind this project’s success.

Smile Foundation has joined hands with Lepakshhi Educational Society for this project.