Education for Gild Children

Smile Foundation and Rasta have become partners to educate girl child between the ages of 3-14 years. The project “Education for Minority Girls” with support from Smile Foundation will be running 10 education centers for 300 girls from deserving minority community. The project aims at developing aptitude and interest in girls for education. The project area lacks significant number of schools and NGOs. Majority of girls receive discriminatory treatment in all walks of life including education. Most of them are either school drop out or have never been to schools.

The project targets 100 girls between the age group of 3 to 14 years in the beginning. Three education centres with 30 girls in each will be established.

Smile Foundation shall support Rasta for the following :-

  • Enhancing level of awareness in the community regarding education of children.
  • Reducing rate of school drop outs and out of the school children.
  • Reducing child abuse cases.
  • Rehabilitation of these children in the long run

Special focus on education and development

Rasta is dedicated to the welfare of marginalized children. In the process it incorporates innovative and latest teaching techniques in the course content for teachers training. Resource personnel from organizations like NCERT, SCERT and DIET are invited for input to teachers. Lessons are prepared for each class keeping in mind the scholastic level of each child. The project shall be implemented by preparing the community people to shoulder the responsibility of the project and with their active participation.