Riding to pave the road for children’s education

Seven Islands H.O.G. rides for Smile Foundation to send children to school

Mumbai : Smile Foundation in association with Seven Islands H.O.G (Harley Owners Group) organized a Harley ride today to support the cause of children’s education. Termed ‘Miles for Smiles’, the initiative sought to highlight the plight of millions of children forced in child labour and to spread awareness about importance of education amongst the most deserving children.

The event was flagged off from Bandra, Mumbai, around 6:00 am. Around 50 Harley owners from the Seven Islands H.O.G. extended their support by riding 100kms. to Lonavala during this event. The entire journey focused on sensitizing the privileged mass about the importance of education for the less privileged children and appealing everyone to do their bit by helping send one child to school. Proceeds from the ride will benefit the children under Mission Education, a national level programme of Smile Foundation.

Ameya Kapnadak, the Assistant Director of the Seven Islands H.O.G. Chapter said, “It is quite ironic, actually. A couple of days from now, the world celebrates the International Labor Day as a turning point in worker rights. And here in India, we see rampant child labor – right from maids in our homes to farm and factory workers. So we said let’s do our bit to put these kids where they belong – in schools.”

“Education is the most effective tool that can help the less privileged children come out of the vicious cycle of poverty and suffering, and transform into an empowered next generation. By involving the privileged section of the society proactively in the process of child development, we aim to bring some real and permanent change in the lives of the most deserving children,” said Mr. Vikram Singh Verma, Chief Operating Officer, Smile Foundation, echoing the thought.

Jagdeep “JD” Singh Bhatia, the Activities Officer for the Seven Islands H.O.G. Chapter and a moving force behind the initiative added, “It is amazing what the Harley community can do when they come together. This idea really just came up over a cup of coffee, and look what it’s grown into! Just goes to prove that when our passion for riding is clubbed with a social message we can move mountains.”

The Hogs (as they’re affectionately called the world over) managed to raise over Rs. 5 Lakhs from this effort.

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