Healthcare project to cover 1.5 Lac women and girls in Delhi slums

New Delhi :Baxter International Foundation (the philanthropic arm of Baxter International Inc.) and Smile Foundation have partnered for a women and girl child empowerment project under the latter’s Swabhiman programme in six slum areas across Delhi, India.

Baxter International Foundation is extending a support of US$100,448 towards this two-year Swabhiman project, primarily focused on healthcare of women, girl children and adolescents. The project will cover the migrant community living in the slum areas of East and South Delhi. Managed by Smile Foundation, the initiative aims to create awareness and increase accessibility to healthcare services for 150,000 women, children and adolescents.

Under the project, four health camps per month will be organized across the six identified slum areas. Besides these health camps, curative services, community engagement and awareness activities will be organized.

The six areas covered in the project are New Ashok Nagar, Shashi Garden and Bismil Camp in East Delhi, and Chattarpur Nut Colony, Chattarpur Pahari and Ambedkar Colony in South Delhi.

About Baxter International Foundation:

Baxter International Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Baxter International Inc. The Foundation’s fundamental purpose is to make a positive and lasting impact on healthcare and the health of communities globally.

The mission of Baxter International Foundation is to increase access to healthcare for the disadvantaged and underserved in the United States and around the world.

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About Swabhiman Programme:

Swabhiman, meaning ‘self-respect’ in English, is an endeavor of Smile Foundation designed to bring pride and dignity to marginalized and socially excluded women and girls, and enable them to realize their self-esteem and optimum potential in every sphere of life through innovative community engagement strategies.

This women empowerment programme works through a highly effective approach named ‘4 S Model’, which stands for Seeking Healthcare as a Behaviour, Support through Education, Support from Men through Male Involvement, and Sustaining Change in the Community.

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