TN governor felicitates school principals for being change agents

Lauds Smile Foundation’s Child for Child programme

Chennai : Felicitating school principals for being the positive change agents in society, Tamil Nadu Governor Dr K Rosaiah lauded Smile Foundation’s Child for Child programme that aims at bridging the gap between privileged and underprivileged children.

“I am very happy to be present here on this occasion among so many heads of institutions who are being felicitated by Smile Foundation for being socially responsible. Their sensitization programme Child for Child (CFC) in privileged schools is the need of the day. These children are our future. If they are properly educated and taught to be socially responsible, it will bring about a change in their thinking and attitude”, Dr Rosaiah said addressing the school principals gathered from across the state.

“The fact that all of you have come here in support of Smile Foundation and educating underprivileged children speaks volumes about the responsible citizens that all of you are. With your continued support I am sure Smile Foundation will be able to reach out to many more children”, the Governor added.

Speaking on the occasion, Smile Foundation’s Chief Operating Officer Vikram Singh Verma said, “It is crucial to inculcate in children the feelings of empathy and conscience towards those who are less fortunate, so that they grow up as responsible individuals. Under Child for Child programme, Smile Foundation visits various schools and conducts engaging sessions for young minds. It sensitizes children towards various causes and lets them realize their own privileged status. This helps them develop into not only responsible individuals but also as significant change makers who contribute positively to society.”

“Currently, CFC reaches out to nearly one million privileged children in 900 schools spread across 417 districts of the country. Parents and teachers are also involved in the process. Specifically in Tamil Nadu, we have reached out to around 500 schools and covered approx. 40,000 children. School Principals are instrumental in assisting us in the programme by allowing us to conduct it in their schools through sensitization sessions and thereby bridge the gap between privileged and underprivileged children,” Mr Verma noted.