Smile Foundation Announces Smile International Film Festival (SIFFCY) 2019

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5th edition of SIFFCY will focus on films from Sweden, Germany and Czech Republic

New Delhi November 11 2019: Come December, the National Capital will welcome the fifth edition of Smile International Film Festival for Children and Youth (SIFFCY). The festival that is one of India’s most unique film festivals for children and youth boasts of a carefully curated roster of cinema with 150 titles from 50 countries in over 30 languages, to be screened from 9-15 December in the heart of Delhi – the Siri Fort Auditorium.

SIFFCY serves as an international venue for different cultures around the globe to screen, celebrate and honor the filmmakers that create the distinguishable cinema. The week-long festival brings together internationally recognised artists to promote and share their love of cinema and the filmmaking process. The festival will host several panels and workshops on pressing social issues by international experts.

Over 20,000 children and youth from all over the country are expected to come for the screenings.

Mr. Santanu Mishra, Executive Trustee of Smile Foundation & Chairman, SIFFCY, says, “Bringing good cinema to children is more important than ever before. With internet penetration and easy technology access, online videos – both good and bad—are increasingly the most consumed medium by children these days. Whereas film festivals like ours brings them select, age-appropriate content from all over the world. This exposes them to good content and helps them differentiate it from all that’s not right for them,” he said.

Mr. Jitendra Mishra, Festival Director, SIFFCY, says, “SIFFCY 2019 is going to be an absolute feast for everyone, irrespective of their age, as the event would alchemise and produce an ideal combination of varied genres and niches including family, passion, kinship, self-assurance and others. A major part of the festivals and corresponding panel discussions will focus on climate change, environment and cleanliness.”

The latest edition of SIFFCY will have a panel of international jury to present unbiased perspective on the featured films. Supporting various allegiances, the event would represent collaborations with the leading film festivals of Europes – BUFF Malmö, Sweden, Schlingel IFF, Germany and Junior Fest, Czech Republic. The festival will celebrate their partnership with all three countries by dedicating a day in their honour.

International Competitive Award, Next-Gen (Student Films) Award and various other accolades will be given to good films in respective categories. The festival intends to serve as a platform which not only acknowledges good cinema but also honours them with well-deserving laurels. The festival will host the most prestigious European Children Film Association award and the CIFEZ award. SIFFCY is the only non-European country to host the ECFA award.

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