When Harley owners rode for a smile

NDTV (27 October 2013)

Owners of Harley Davidsons rarely need an excuse to go for a ride on their mean machines, but in Bangalore on Sunday morning, it was all for a good cause. Members of the Harley Owners Group or HOGs rode 50 kilometres for the Smile Foundation.

Shivraj Holla of the Foundation said, “This is a cause-related ride where all the HOGs have come forward to do something like giving back to the society. When there is so much inequality around us, it becomes the responsibility of people who have to help the needy. Through this ride, HOGs have come forward to raise resources and sensitise people to the importance of education.”

Vijay Kumar, one of the organisers and a Harley rider said, “There are so many underprivileged children in the country. Smile is a good organisation where children are taken care of. We can’t do things directly, so a foundation like Smile can really help the children get educated and come up in life.”

The children did not go along for the ride between Lavelle Road in the heart of Bangalore to Nandi Hills north of the city. They, however, got up close and personal with the bikes before they took off – and they were certainly impressed with the powerful machines.

Young Abraham said, “I like the bikes, and I like to ride on the bikes. When I grow up I would like to start a bike company.”

Vignesh, a student from Jnanaprakasham school was taken aback by the price tag of the bike. “This bike is so costly. It cost 25 lakhs. I want to study more, and I want to get like this bike. I want to become manager of this bike.”

These dream machines and their riders can help those dreams become a reality by helping raise money.