Steps towards a noble cause

Deccan Herald (16 April 2012)

The kids from KV Sandra got the opportunity to set a style statement on the ramp recently. These children walked the ramp alongside the who’s who of the City for the cause of the girl child.

Actress Pooja Gandhi, who also walked the ramp with the children, said that such kind of activities play a crucial role in spreading awareness for a cause as great as saving the girl child. “I am a part of many charities and saving the girl child is one of the causes that is very close to my heart. More people should come up and join hands to spread awareness,” she said.

The children, who were in the age group of 14 to 16, were thrilled to wear make-up and clothes designed specially for them and enjoyed the attention that they were getting on the stage. “I have never worn make-up or such dresses. It is like a dream come true for me. I want to complete my education so that I am not a daily wage earner like my father,” said 14-year-old David.

Like David, many others had also set their priorities and wanted to attend college and achieve their goals. “I want to be a software engineer and go to an office to work. I am studying hard so that I get good marks and can go to a prestigious college,” said Nandini, a student of class 8.

While some children wanted to excel in academics, others wanted to be successful dancers and sportsmen. Ajith Kumar, a 16-year-old, is very passionate about football and gets up early in the morning to train. “I want to play for the country but right now, I am concentrating on getting selected by the local clubs. My favourite player is Lionel Messi and I wish I could meet him someday,” he informed.

Dr Kamini Rao, who is associated with the cause of the girl child, was in favour of such events and said that is essential to bring the cause of the girl child to the fore. “Thanks to the latest technology, spreading awareness is not so difficult. But what we need to do is spread the message in areas where technology has not reached. Such creative events help in dispensing knowledge and they should be organised more frequently,” she explained.

The children, on the other hand, were enjoying every bit of attention they were getting. Be it posing for the shutterbugs or walking the ramp with celebrities, they stole the show and were not even close to getting intimidated. “I am looking forward to walking the ramp. We have always seen such things on television and here, we are actually doing it,” added an excited David.