Children across 3 countries collaborate for music album

ZEENEWS.COM (06 May 2010)

Seeing kids roam the streets in Delhi is flashback time for Deogratius Antipas, a Tanzanian native currently touring India as part of a musical project that seeks to unite children from different backgrounds.

Deogratius or Deo, a street kid himself, is part of an exchange programme between children from India, Tanzania and the Netherlands which culminated in production of a video album “Change beats.

“Indian NGO Smile Foundation recently hosted a six-day workshop for 17 young musicians from the three countries, and produced two songs for the album which is expected to be released soon.

“The project is an attempt to change the mindsets and perception of youngsters living in developed world about their counterparts living in other parts of the world with the help of music,” says Preeti Kalra, Manager, Smile Foundation.

The youngsters from the three countries wrote lyrics and produced videoclips during the five-day workshop. After necessary post production activities people worldwide can watch them online and also vote for the best theme.

A VIP would be roped to promote the album and raise awareness for equal chances for children and youngsters globally.

“Music appeals to everyone and plays an important role in binding people. The songs will be a showcase of learning within the group of children a depiction of the various chances that can be explored for children worldwide for betterment of their life and realising their dreams,” says Noortje Bergmans, communications head, Change for Children.

The Change Beats project that originated in 2008 was initiated by Change for Children in the Netherlands, a collaboration of five Dutch development groups who fight for a safe environment for children and work on active projects in countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

“David a former refugee from Russia has travelled from Netherlands to India for Change Beats 2010 and finds it a very rewarding experience. Similarly Deo, says he can relate to the condition of the street children in India as he used to live on the streets of Tanzania,” says Bergmans.

“I was very shocked to see street kids in India, as I know their circumstances. It seems that these problems occur all over the world. But good things are shared as well and I’m glad to work together with all the kids here and spread the message to all the kids worldwide,” says Deo.