Cotton Council International announced the second edition of its pan-India
t-shirt design competition — Teezing

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Life Style (22 July, 2010)

Perhaps, that’s what’s commendable of the corporates and all the commercial activity associated with it — a charity angle tangent to some social events.

Cotton Council International announced the second edition of its pan-India t-shirt design competition – Teezing. Herein fits the altruist angle; Cotton Council had Smile Foundation as charity partner for the event in Chandigarh.

“Although the competition is a pan-India level, but in association with Smile foundation it’s being organised in five more cities – Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune and Ahmedabad,” Anindita Majumdar, corporate communications officer, Smile, gives the details. The competition gives a chance to the young and the old alike to showcase their creativity and sketching skills. She adds, “The competition’s open to kids from all age groups but over here we have 75 kids from our foundation in the age group of seven to 15.” The best deigns will be retailed by Flying Machine, a ready-to-wear brand.

Meanwhile, the set of 12 sketch pens, drawing sheets, scales and paraphernalia has all opened. Not everyone’s stuck to the theme My Cotton World though; one’s busy colouring Mickey Mouse, other a hut, yet another’s drawing a hut against the backdrop of hills. While one more from among the crowd sticks to sketching river, flowers, butterflies, but written somewhere up in the clouds in between is cotton; perhaps drawing a parallel between nature and the fabric. In between Aman, a participant, stuck to the theme, with a huge print declaring, ‘If you want to go on, please wear cotton.’

Yet another had cotton written in big bold alphabets and is weaving a design around it. The competition’s based on the premise — how cotton touches every aspect of our lives.

The final eight compete at the national level. “All these kids are from our mission education programme and from here on the final selected eight will be participating in the nationals,” informs Anindita.

Thrown in between the competition were even cash and consolation prizes. “I’ll be judging these kids on the basis of how much they’ve stuck to the theme, My Cotton World, and of course how good their design will look on the t-shirt,” says April Sher Bhaika, freelance stylist, the jury for the event.

All this while the creative colourful work is still in progress. The teezing round with fun and fashionable cotton has just begun! — Manpriya Khurana