Team Michael Graces Cake Mixing Ceremony at Food Court of Quest Mall

( November 27, 2017 )

The cake mixing ceremony at Food Court at Quest Mall took place in the presence of Satrajit Sen, Sayani Datta, Timir Biswas along with kids from Smile Foundation.

Twenty kilograms of ingredients consisting of raisins, dates, figs, Cardamoms, mix fruit jam, dry cherry, almond flakes and others were soaked in a heady concoction of white wine, red wine, brandy and dark rum.

Speaking at the event, Sayani Datta said “I love making cakes. And I keep on experimenting with making of new kinds of cakes. But since I have to be on diet, I hardly can eat the cakes that I make”.

With cake mixing events all over the city, the season of joy and merriment is just around the corner.