Singer going on bike tour to raise funds, promote album

( March 17, 2020 )

He was the first Indian musician to embark on a road trip to promote his music. He later rode from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Now, Nitish Pires is back on the road to promote his latest single, titled ‘Fateh.’

He says that it has always been a dream to conduct a pan-India tour. So far, Pires has ridden his motorcycle across three states, while his bandmates and the rest of the crew follow in the tour bus. “It feels like I am leading a caravan,” he adds.

he returned from his sabbatical in Europe, Pires has been producing music as a part of a four-piece metal band. He says his journey over the years gave him a new perspective, “I want to be able to share my inspiration with fans and other listeners.”

Much of Pires’ work revolves around child development and ‘Fateh’ is no different. “We have collaborated with the SMILE Foundation for this tour,” he tells Metrolife. The band is carrying a sketch that they plan to auction at the end of the tour, in an effort to raise funds for charity. “‘Fateh’ explores the relationship between a father and son. While it is necessary to inspire hope in young children, it is even more important to inspire responsibility in adults.”

The band has already performed in Chennai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. However, the recent Covid-19 outbreak has put a dampener on things. “While we were able to perform in all three cities, the turnout was considerably low,” he says.

Even though several shows have been cancelled or postponed as a precaution, he says the band has no plans to halt the tour. “We have come so far, it does not make sense for us to stop now.”  Despite being on the road, the band does not have too many health concerns. “Since we have been living on the tour bus, we are isolated from others. We have also been following health protocols diligently,” he says. “We are dealing with this by trying to be as positive as possible.”

‘Fateh’ will be a part of an untitled album that is scheduled to be released in October this year.