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"I am attending the programme for the second time this year. I have come here with open mind to learn, share and gain knowledge from Smile Foundation and fellow participants. It was informative, well prepared, well thought of and very useful workshop, which everybody would implement to gain new heights in serving the less privileged."

Father Sebastian

Founder, Don Bosco Navjeevan Society, Chandigarh

Father Sebastian

Father Sebastian

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"It has been enriching I am even glad to be part of it. I have attended many workshops and programmes but the topics which Smile Foundation has covered were different and were as per the need of the small NGOs."

B. K. Kaul (Ph.D.)

Founder, Ankur Vidyalaya, Jammu

Dr. B. K. Kaul
Dr. B. K. Kaul

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"Everybody has information about what to do; but where and how to do were what I have learned here. The session on Accountability and Transparency has been engaging and enriching."

Sharad Kumar Tripathi

Secretary, Sizer InfoTech Charitable Society, Kanpur


Sharad Kumar TripathiSharad Kumar Tripathi

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"As the name empowering grassroots defines, the programme is made for NGOs like us. We have learned new and advanced things on how to present and document our work in a better way. "

Saurabh Bhargav

FPAI, Bhopal


Saurabh BhargavSaurabh Bhargav

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"I would like to congratulate Smile Foundation for providing us a platform where we can learn and adapt new things in a fast changing scenario. It was well prepared and rightly designed. The innovative methods on brand communication and ethical fundraising were very inspiring. I will implement all the methods that I learned here."

K.P. Mishra

New Public School Samiti, Lucknow


K.P. MishraK.P. Mishra

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"This was my second participation in the programme. The previous workshop had also been very enriching and we have performed much better than what we could do earlier. This time also I am going back with lot of skills and enthusiasm."

Sandip Bhatnagar

Jupiter Academy, Lucknow


K.P. MishraSandip Bhatnagar

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"Indeed the experience was enriching. Local fund raising example in Communication and Brand Building for Sustainability session by Mr. Suman Srivastava was inspiring. Enjoyed the video clips, etc. We learned about Brand promotion and advertisement, which would be helpful for us to promote our NGOs. Also the Good Governance for Organizational Development and strengthening session was very motivational. The examples given were very good and its practical application would help us understand the roles and responsibilities of each individual at every level. Thus assist us in smooth functioning of an organization.”

Reshma Helaiya

Project Officer, Baroda Citizen’s Council, Gujarat

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“It was extremely nice of you to have invited us for the Empowering Grassroots Workshop held at Bangalore. It was really worth attending. We learned a lot from the workshop and are implementing the same in our organization. Thank you for giving us the chance to attend the workshop.”

Jeevan and John

Ambassadors for the Poor