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There is no such word as ‘Enough’ in the vocabulary of Smile Foundation. Therefore, in addition to the regular programmes the foundation undertook five special interventions to address special needs and necessities of the most deserving children and youth in need of immediate support.

Objectives behind Special Interventions

The initiative from Smile Foundation aims at reaching out to the most deserving children in special circumstances through relief or advocacy.

Disaster Management

Smile Foundation, with a mission to lay a helping hand and brining Smile back, responds to the call of humanity in times of emergencies like natural calamities and disasters. Be it the Gujarat Earthquake, the Tsunami, Mumbai Floods or the Kashmir Earthquake, Smile has been there. Smile thus has come up with a Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation Policy, wherein it ties up with local NGO's and institutions to enable genuine and effective responses to critical local needs and realities.

Relief & rehabilitation for children and women during natural calamities like Tsunami, Earthquake in Kashmir, Mumbai Flood, Bihar Flood and Chikungunya

No. of Direct Beneficiaries: 6,000

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Disaster Management

"Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find it out."      --- Frank A. Clark


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