About Us

A girl child comes into this world with just as many expectations, dreams and aspiration as a boy, but soon finds out that her way towards achieving them is much more challenging. She aims to fly high, but her wings are cut by the ruthlessly unjust gender bias that our society is ridden with.

Starting from something as basic as her right to be born, she has to fight a battle all her life and struggle for the most fundamental needs – for freedom, for equal opportunity, for making her voice heard.

As a child she is taught to obey, follow the societal rules and stop dreaming. When she is a little older a suitable match is found and she is sent off to her family where her husband and her in-laws lay down another set of rules. She becomes a mother at a very young age and from then on her life revolves around her many children.

The mere absence of an education makes her suffer mentally, emotionally and physically from a very young age. Her freedom is tied in chains, her decisions are discarded and her individuality gets trapped in the four walls of her home.

Smile Foundation’s initiative ‘She Can Fly’ is an effort to enable, equip and empower girl children with quality education, proper nutrition, good health, adequate skills, and above all a lot of self-confidence to help them live their lives to their fullest potential.

This is also a step towards sensitizing the civil society at large and helping create a girl child friendly society to help her thrive. One of the major ways which can bring about a huge change in the process of sensitizing the society is by creating awareness.

Let us all come forward and join hands to give wings to her dreams. Empower, educate, and make her strong to stand her own ground and shine in her efforts. She Can Fly, let’s give her the sky!

Girl Child in India



The national literacy rate of girls over seven years is

54% against 75% for boys.


Child Marraige

42% of married women in India were

married as children


Girl Child Health

Almost 47 per cent of girls in the age group of

11 to 19 years are underweight in India



The current sex ratio for the age group

0-6 years has currently 927 girls per 1000 boys.


Child Labour

Out of the 59.2 million child labourers 42% are girls.

Smile Foundation Interventions


51% girls educated under Mission education programme
Scholarship support provided to 500 girls so far

Health and Nutrition

152% of total health care beneficiaries are girl children and women
Provision and awareness of nutritious diet for girl child

Child Labour

5000 girls and women trained to be change agents
Awareness programmes conducted against girl-child labour

Economic Empowerment

55% of total beneficiaries are young girls and women
Life skills education provided to adolescent girls