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Limits cannot be set for dreams and especially when they are a child’s dreams. But Hetal, from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, has realized at a tender age that poverty and illness can come in the way of fulfilling one’s dreams, though this understanding has not deterred her hopes for a better future.

Hetal’s father, who was the only earning member in the family, has been bedridden for two years now, due to an accident. With the question of survival staring them in the face, Hetal’s mother had to start working as a maid and eventually she was joined by her two daughters.

Since then, life has taken a bitter turn for Hetal.

The only respite in Hetal’s life comes from her dream of becoming an airhostess when she grows up. And from the games she plays with her friends in whatever little time she gets in between her work. “Sometimes I feel me and my sister should not have to work, but…” says Hetal, hoping for a day when she and her sister could have a normal, happy childhood.

Smile Foundation’s Mission Education programme has so far directly put more than 200,000 children like Hetal into the path of empowerment through education.

Like Hetal, there are 17 million children in India working as child labour – holding brooms in their hands instead of books. At least 62% of the total out-of-school children in India are girls, making up two-thirds of illiterate 15- to 24-year-olds. Sponsor a girl child to help her have access to education and empowerment.

Last year, 51% of the total beneficiaries of Mission Education programme were girls. Smile Foundation’s endeavour is to bring many other out-of-school girls to schools.

You can help a child escape from the bonds of poverty through our sponsor programme. Child sponsorship connects you with a child in need. It lets you gift life-changing benefits to that child for a low monthly and yearly contribution. Your valuable contribution guarantees that a sponsor kid receives benefits alters his/her course of life.

Your sponsor charity ensures that poverty doesn’t stand in the way of a child’s education. Your sponsored child receives education, healthcare as well as nutritional support through every phase of his/her young life.

Help a child discover the joy of learning! Sponsor a Child!

Donate now! Support a Child!

* Name of the girl has been changed to protect her identity

You can also donate through Cheque/DD, made in favour of SMILE FOUNDATION. Registered under Section 12A of Income Tax Act, 1961. Donations to Smile Foundation are exempted from tax u/s 80G of IT Act.
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