Education bringing joy to tribal families of Andhra Pradesh

This project works for child development, health and tribal welfare of Ramnagar village in Andhra Pradesh. The target groups are the children of 3 to 18 year age group from poor tribal families of the catchment area of the project as well as from other tribal areas of Palavancha mandal of Khammam District.

Due to many reasons, including social taboo, inaccessibility, violent situations, child labour, assisting the parents to take care of toddlers and lack of awareness among the parents, the children of the village do not get a chance to go to school. The project aims to promote primary education of the poor tribal children.

In addition to this, the project strives to improve the quality of formal education for children in the tribal belts of Palavancha. Promoting health and healthy practices among the rural tribal children is also a part of the project.

Smile Foundation has partnered with Society for Integrated Rural Improvement (SIRI) for implementation of this Mission Education project.

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About the Partnership

Founded in March 1993, SIRI - Society for Integrated Rural Improvement works for the downtrodden and weaker sections of all communities of the society, especially Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes and Backward communities in rural areas of Bhadrachalam and Paloncha regions of Khammam district of Andhra Pradesh. The main aim of the organization is to increase the living standards of the poor people of all communities in rural areas for the sustainable development of the people.