Educating the marginalized in Bihar

This Mission Education project, ongoing in Bihar, aims to eliminate socio-economic discrimination among the marginalized communities through education. With complete emphasis on education, the project strives to break the ramshackle of historical caste discrimination, social exclusion, illiteracy and backwardness among the communities of Dalits and Mahadalits in the state.

The project is engaged in providing library facilities in schools through active collaboration, so that knowledge and skills of the children are enhanced. Under the project, children studying in schools in Ramchndra Nagar, Bali Panchayat of Fatuha district, Patepur Block of Vaishali district and in Patna urban slum area are being benefitted.

The libraries are stocked with a wide range of books and periodicals on different subject matters. Most of the education materials are beyond the purchasing capacity of the families of these children. The availability of various books on life skills and skills of daily living is helping the children equip with skills, which will be beneficial in shaping their personality required to compete with other children with confidence in life.

Smile Foundation has partnered with Dalit Vikas Abhiyan Samiti for this project.

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About the Partnership

In operation since 2007, Dalit Vikas Abhiyan Samiti (DVAS) works mainly in the Northern State of Bihar for uplifting the deplorable conditions of the people belonging to impoverished communities. Keeping in perspective the socio-economic discrimination of the marginalised communities in the state, the organisation began with various initiatives, one of which is spreading education and to motivate the people living on the fringe.

Dharmendra Kumar, Executive Director, DVAS
"Smile Foundation has made a significant contribution in breaking the shackles of exclusion among the Dalit children through promotion of education through its Mission Education programme. This project has not only developed the core competencies of DVAS in handling the issues of education and health with marginalized populace, which are key issues of the disadvantaged population, but has also sprung up as a model to promote inclusive education."