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Barrier Free Smile - with a helping hand for the Differentially Able

Smile Foundation extends its helping hand to the visually impaired persons through Blind People’s Association [BPA], Gujarat. BPA, based in Ahmedabad is largest blind welfare organization in the country.

The joint initiative will start with upgrading the training centre. A concrete ramp is being constructed scientifically for the benefit of the beneficiaries at the building housing the training workshop in Ahemdabad, Gujarat.

About the Partner

The Blind People’s Association, Ahemdabad, Gujarat is the largest blind welfare organization in the country. It aims to provide a variety of need based programmes for the comprehensive development of the visually impaired persons as well as persons with all other categories of disability, namely hearing impairment, orthopedic impairment as well as mental retardation.

Blind People’s Association is associated with local organisations in a number of states across India. These organizations are guided and counseled to perform similar services in their areas for the widespread development for disabled children. The organization has developed a variety of services on promotion of education, community based rehabilitation and provision of support services to the disabled persons.

The organization has received a number of national and international awards like National Award from Ministry of Welfare, FICCI Award, Padma Shri to the General Secretary, State Award for Best Services to name a few.

About The Project

The project aimed at improvement of the infrastructure and facilities starting with the construction of concrete ramps at the training centre. The Project is intended for the benefit of orthopedic impaired persons in particular. The capacity building workshops are held at the first and second floors of the Blind People’s Association building. The ramp is named “Smile Foundation Barrier Free Access.”

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Mr. Ramesh Bhai Patel

A quote from Ramesh Bhai Patel;

Smile Foundation enabled to support so many families with the association with BPA.

Slogan: Smile Foundation brings smiles in the lives of marginalized people.

The centre runs various programmes in areas such as prevention of blindness, disability, professional and vocational training, special education, rehabilitation and assistive devices, community based rehabilitation, research and development etc.

Special Focus

• Developed and initiated a variety of services on promotion of education, community based rehabilitation.
• Provision of support services to the disabled persons.
• Smile Foundation and Blind Person’s Association has just initiated their vows to bring smile and give new hopes to the disabled persons.