Ensuring holistic development of children in Nizamabad

This project strives to improve the quality of life of vulnerable children Kamareddy area of Nizamabad district in Telangana, by providing them education. Children of parents affected with HIV AIDS, and also those themselves infected by the virus, are the special focus of this project. Many of these kids are either orphaned or abandoned, or being brought up by single parents working as daily wagers in nearby farms for a living.

In the heart of the town, the project runs a residential education centre where such children from local municipal wards and slums are provided with education. In addition to education, the project caters to other essential needs of the children, including food, shelter and clothing.

At present, there are 136 children at the centre that includes 43 girls and 93 boys. Keeping holistic development of each child in focus, the project keeps track of the progress of each child in terms of educational and nutritional development and recreational activities. Child support groups have been formed to help the kids acquire knowledge and initiate discussion on important social issues, so that they can evolve as change agents.

Smile Foundation has partnered with Padmapani Society for Human Excellence (PSHE) for this Mission Education project.

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About the Partnership

Padmapani Society for Human Excellence (PSHE) was established in 1993 in Kamareddy, Nizamabad district. The organisation works in the areas of child development, education and skill development. PSHE is also committed towards improving the health, education, self esteem and social position of the children living with HIV/AIDS.

- Mr. Satyanarayana, Founder & Director, Padmapani Society for Human Excellence
"Smile Foundation has created a ray hope for a better life in the lives of HIV/AIDS Infected and Affected children, orphans and daily wage labor children by providing nutrition and quality education support to them through Mission Education.