Our Approach

Smile Foundation began as a modest but unique organisation supporting development initiatives across India. It happens to be only of its kind - both in its approach and focus.

Unlike any other funding support agency, Smile Foundation does not follow the traditional route to attract proposals from interested organization(s). Instead, SMILE gets attracted to genuine development endeavours concerning education and healthcare of children, subsequently extending its hand of support after extensive search. For this purpose the Foundation depends upon its own network and/or other sources (including media, word of mouth or accidental knowledge about such initiatives, big and small organisations in its alliances, networking agencies etc.).

The Foundation's uniqueness, further lies in the fact that, once again, unlike any other conventional funding organization, it seeks to support even individual or group initiatives (unorganized) and help strengthen not only their activities but also facilitate their institutionalization (so that initiatives do not die and / or could be expanded; and facilitating desired system and accountability to be in place). Besides, it also supports the Non Government Organizations (NGOs) - including new ones recently established, unlike most other agencies which only support organized efforts (that is, Non-governmental Organizations) of certain standing (life span)!

Smile endeavours to create synergies with existing often floundering but well- intentioned initiatives putting them on the road to posterity. Besides financial support, Smile provides its partners with skills in Management Systems, Board and Governance, Accounting, Information Technology and Sustainability.

Sustainability, Scalability and Accountability remains the keywords behind all these efforts.

Let’s join hands.

Keep Smiling!

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