Oral Health

Studies indicate that 90 per cent of the country's population suffers from various types of dental diseases and the incidence of gum diseases and dental decay is 70 per cent among children. Oral cancer constitutes 34-40 per cent of total body cancers while habit of smoking, eating pan masala and tobacco chewing is very common. Preventive and promotive interventions are the easier ways to combat unhealthy practices leading to such health hazards. The most cost effective, appropriate and desirable in the present context of the socio-economic condition in our country.

Smile Foundation has initiated the Oral Health Education Programme with the aim of covering 10,000 children and youth through its various projects in 8 states in an effort to inculcate self-care habits among children. The program will address problems like dental decay, gum disease and oral cancer. With special focus on oral hygiene awareness. Under the Oral Health Programme, children are made aware of importance of oral health and hygiene. The programme covers:

  • Practices of Oral hygiene.
  • Effectiveness of Indigenous methods.
  • Brushing technique.
  • Oral cancer- causes, consequences and prevention.

Charts & models are used in the workshop to introduce and explain the subject. The Film 'Incredible Ride' by Colgate is also shown and has been much appreciated.

In the first phase, workshops are being done in Delhi by Dr. Manpreet, a practicing dentist.

In order to sustain the program a workshop for teachers is proposed to be scheduled to make them aware about oral health care so that they may further impart the information to their students.