Bringing the marginalized in the fold of education

The primary beneficiary group of this Mission Education project located at Gurgaon in Haryana is children who are deprived of formal education and a protective environment at home which discourages their learning.

Many of them are first generation learners with their parents being mostly migrants who have come to this commercial centre in hope of better livelihood opportunities. These people prefer to choose unskilled wagery above education, for their children. The centre holds door to door meetings and group counseling sessions with the parents, to induct the children into the programme and holds regular parents teacher meetings, so that the parents remain actively involved in the progress of their children.

The centre, which has grown in capacity from eight to a 100 odd children today, has successfully mainstreamed many children in leading schools of Delhi and NCR like Amity International and Delhi Public School.

The centre also provides remedial education to the mainstreamed kids, to help them cope up with the formal educational setup. Nutrition is provided to all the children, along with regular health check-ups and training in various co-curricular activities.

Smile Foundation is implementing this project with NeeV.

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About the Partner

In the year 1996, after years of hard work and living for themselves, a group of highly successful, like minded and self-motivated individuals eventually concluded that it was “payback time”. And Bharat Memorial Charitable Trust was born at Panchkula in Haryana, of which NeeV is an offshoot. Being a part of the highly educated strata of society and aware of its benefits, the trustees thought of doing their bit by educating the underprivileged. These dynamic individuals felt that the best way to empower the less privileged is with education and life skills that may strengthen them to face the many realities of life. The trust since its inception has been serving the underprivileged through scholarships, medical camps, sport events, interest free education loans, supporting orphanages, etc.

Shalini Malhotra, Founder Director, NeeV
“Our association with Smile Foundation has enabled us to win the trust of many supporters, thereby opening new avenues for us. This has also led to successful implementation of varied value adding programmes at NeeV including computer education and health camps for the children.”