What is Mission Education?

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  • 17.7 million children in India are currently out of school
  • 25 million children are at risk of acute hunger
  • 1 in 4 school going children have dropped out of school
  • 73% of girls do not get past 10 years of school
  • 33 million children in India are engaged in child labour*

When we think of childhood, we instantly go back to the happy, carefree days when school was our second home and homework was the biggest trouble we had in our lives – morning assembly, lunch break, games period, making paper boats, walking back home with friends, mom making us ready in spotless uniform, we ruining the uniform by end of school every day, punishments, the list goes on.

While our fondest childhood memories comprise of the many little things we did in school, 17.7 million children in India are yet to experience this joy. Working in hazardous conditions, living on the street, braving hunger, poverty and violence, childhood means something very different for these children.

Smile Foundation's Mission Education is an effort to bring these out-of-school children under the fold of education. In addition to this, we also look after their health, nutrition, and provide them relevant exposure through co-curricular activities.

Last year, 21,346 children across 21 states of India were directly provided education under the initiative. This year, we aim to provide education to 25,000 children through Mission Education. But we need your support to achieve this.

By supporting Mission Education, you will be giving these children a chance to regain their lost childhood. Isn't this the least they deserve? Let’s come together in ensuring a happy childhood for 25,000 children. Donate Now!

*Sources: UNESCO, Census 2011, UNICEF (State of the World's Children), ILO

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Highlights 2015 -16


21,346 Children

directly provided education through

120 centres in 21 states


of total

beneficiaries enrolled

were girl children, to ensure a fair start for all


70% children

were 1st generation learners from remote

villages & tribal families


100% Children

received regular nutrition & health care support


100% Teachers

received training in innovative teaching skills

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