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Frequently Asked Questions   Frequently Asked Questions for individual donors

1. What is the belief behind Smile Foundation?

2. Does Smile Foundation work in India or other countries too?

3. What is the scenario in India, presently?

4. How old is Smile Foundation?

5. What is the mission of Smile Foundation?

6. Who are the people behind Smile Foundation?

7. Which areas does Smile Foundation work in?

8. Why do you stress on education, when there are other equally pressing issues in the country?

9. What is the working model of Smile Foundation?

10. What is Social Venture Philanthropy model?

11. What is the Outreach model?

12. What is the source of funding for the organization??

13. How much of the total money go towards Smile’s development projects?

14. How can an NGO apply for assistance?

15. How does Smile choose the projects / grassroots NGOs to work with?

16. Who all are the target beneficiaries?

17. At present how many people are directly benefitting from various programmes of Smile Foundation?

18. How can one associate with the organization?

19. Does Smile provide internships? If yes, how can I apply for it?

20. How can I work for Smile?

21. What are the awards and accreditation that Smile has received till date?

22. How can I donate to Smile Foundation?

23. Does Smile have any merchandise?

24. What are the ways of measuring impacts of the various programmes?

25. How does Smile Foundation work for the education of underprivileged children?

26. Where is Mission Education programme located?

27. What curriculum do you follow in the education programmes?

28. How many students are benefitted through Mission Education?

29. What is your healthcare programme?

30. What is the idea behind Smile on Wheels?

31. What kind of medical services are provided through Smile on Wheels?

32. On an average how many people receive benefit through Smile on Wheels?

33. How many Smile on Wheels are currently operational in India?

34. What is the livelihood programme of Smile Foundation?

35. Which age group does STeP cater to?

36. How many STeP centres are there now?

37. Is there a specific curriculum for the STeP programme?

38. How many youths have benefitted through this programme?

39. How does Smile Foundation work in the area of women empowerment?

40. What is the model of Swabhiman?

41. How many women and girls are benefitted through Swabhiman?