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Frequently Asked Questions for Individual Donors   Frequently Asked Questions for General donors

1. What information is sent to the donors?

2. What will Smile do with my donation?

3. How does Smile Foundation ensure that the donorís contribution is being utilized in the intended way?

4. Does Smile accept donations in USD or Pounds?

5. How much should I donate? (we can give break up of monthly expenditure of a child)

6. Is the website safe to make online payments?

7. What is the process of keeping the donorís information safe?

8. What are the Tax benefits that a donor will get?

9. Do you issue Tax receipts? How soon will the receipts arrive?

10. What happens if the tax receipt is lost?

11. Can one donate in kind (old clothes, books, stationary etc)?

12. Is it possible for a consistent supporter to meet the beneficiary personally?