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In line with its belief of promoting civic driven change in the society, Smile Foundation attempts to involve individuals directly in the process of development. The participation of privileged individuals not only multiplies the cascading effect of change and helps it penetrate deeper into the society, but also aids in making the change sustainable.

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You can support us by associating with us.
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Mahmood Mudassir Mr. Mahmood Mudassir, HOD (Maths) -
Modern High School
. handing over the cheque in Smile's New Delhi (HO) <Click Here>

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Dhiraj Kumar Mishra Dhiraj Kumar Mishra
Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

“It is the duty for every Indian to do something for our country & our people who need us. Your work is good and I am thankful to smile foundation & like other ngo who are working for poor people. Our vision & motive should be clear that every person gets food, cloth, education & home. I will be always in touch with Smile Foundation and whatever i can do, I will do.”

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Kiran Nanjegowda Kiran Nanjegowda
Software Engineer,

“We are very happy to be a part of Smile foundation.It feels very good when our little contribution brings smile and happiness to children.You guys are doing Great job and keep it up.We will try to support as much as we can.Our best wishes to all the children!!.”

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Dipti Sharma Dipti Sharma
Chartered Accountant,
New Delhi, India

“Please take care of the poor children. They are the future of our beautiful country. Unluckly they didnt get the facility which they deserve. They also have dreams of their own.My best whishes for them and also to your organization which are working for their support.”

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Voleti Tirumala Satishkumar Voleti Tirumala Satishkumar
Chennai, India

“I just want to contribute a drop to the needed ocean for "Children education" in India.”

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Aarti Asrani

Aarti Asrani
11th grader from Chapel Hill, North Carolina

<Click Here>

"I know this donation will be put to good use, and my best wishes to all the children supported by Smile Foundation."

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Dr. Raj Shankar Ghosh Dr. Raj Shankar Ghosh
Country Director (India)
Institute for One World Health

"In this world no child is born imperfect. Every life is a blessing and a hope for mankind. Education is the primary catalyst which transforms ignorance to hope as Swami Vivekananda had long back said – “Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man.”

I have been highly impressed by the two most important issues that Smile Foundation speaks of in its effort to spread the light of education amongst the children of the underprivileged population in the country. It speaks of education as a tool to generate productive assets and also of partnership.

I chose to be a member of the Smile Foundation Family because it is here where I envision a prospect to contribute to a better, healthier and an enlightened India of the future."

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Himanshu Tayal Himanshu Tayal
Software Engineer,
New Delhi, India

“I believe that education, not just literacy, is the tool for cleansing all social evils and suffering from a complex country like India. With the power of education, we can eradicate poverty, health issues, behaviour, or anything for that matter.

When I first heard about Smile Foundation, I believed in the approach it is taking. Now I have been supporting it through financial as well as technical support.

I have one suggestion for all individuals who believe in charity and some good organisation or other – do not waste anything in your home or office. For example, even you can collect and sell old newspapers and support a cause you believe in.”

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Adityaa Jayasankar Adityaa Jayasankar
Chennai, India

"I feel poverty is in existence because people couldn get proper knowledge and education. I am glad this little amount will be somehow helpful in helping a child's education.

Continue to do the best to all needy."

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Satheesh Kumar M
Satheesh Kumar M
Engineer - Quality Survey,
Hindustan Construction Co. Ltd.

"I was interested to help a needy child 3 years ago. But, my wish is fulfilled only after I came to know about Smile Foundation through various sources.

I congratulate Smile Foundation and its members to carry out such kind of activities and services, though people like me only could provide money.

I wish our children to daylight their amazing skills to this world and that will add up to the sunlight.Thank you for giving me this opportunity and wish to grow and spread the wings all over the world."

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"I am just 27. I have gone through so many hurdles in life. I have realised that education teaches you first and then puts you to examination; life puts you to examination first and teaches you later.

The only solution to all social and national problems we get to know from media everyday is nothing but basic and primary education. I always dream of serving my life teaching and providing education to the people. Though my contribution to Smile is small but I feel this is the roadmap to my dream and goal."

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Pradip Kumar Modi
Pradip Kumar Modi
Chartered & Cost Accountant Abu Dhabi, U. A. E.

I have always believed that education is an effective tool for mankind to understand everything in a correct and broader way. I came to know of your organisation while watching a TV programme in which Smile children performed a few months ago. Later on I checked about Smile on the internet to convince myself further that we share the same views. Then I decided to join smile family because it's not only promoting education at it's own but also supporting other genuine needy NGOs.

This way benefit goes to larger section without wasting resources like time, manpower and money in building up bases in new areas and managing the existing one. I think it's a unique model to reach masses effectively in less time and cost.

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"It is my good luck to be associated with Smile Foundation. It will be my pleasure if I can continue helping in promoting and spreading awareness."

Animesh Kumar
Equity Research Analyst,
Gurgaon, India

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"It is my dream to help organisation like Smile for ensuring children as future of our nation.

I belong to a middle class family. My Mom, an illiterate and a single mother, alone had worked hard to educate and raise me and my sibling. No relative or organisation had come forward to help us in education. My mother had nowhere to go for help, except the Almighty!

This is just the beginning as a small drop from my side. I will try my best and if Allah gives me more, I will share more with the Little Angels of Smile.

My wish for Smile little angels is that they should study hard and dream to reach pinnacle of Success in life. They must also become good human being and persons with ideal human values.

I wish our Children always get success in all parts of life after all struggle and little support from all of us."

Nazma Mohammed Rafiq

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"It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction in contributing for the underprivileged children of India who deserves right education. I realize, it's my responsibility to help empower the children of my country. It also gives me a good feeling that my little contribution brings happiness to the children. I truly appreciate SMILE's efforts in helping us reaching the needy. I wish i continue to contribute as i grow."


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"It is our moral responsibility to be part of Smile Family."

Bharat Mehta & Saryu Mehta
Wolcott, CT,


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"We wanted to do something for the children in need for my father's death anniversary. We found no better way other than supporting a child's education for a year. Moreover, I'm living in France and there is always a call from the motherland. With better living conditions here, I think of doing something, however small it may be, for our country and people. I should not forget that my biggest support in all these matters is my wife (she is a French national) who loves our country and our people as much as I do.

I wish to be (at least visually) anonymous for these ventures. Very glad to be part of Smile community and hope to support your missions in the best possible way we can."

Prince & Charline Xavier

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"I have decided to be a small part of Smile Family is only because of the children."

"If we want to make India & the World a better place for us and for our future then we must take care of our present and they are none other than Children. We need to give them a little support and they will give it back to the world."

Rabindra Dey
Tunbridge Wells
Kent, UK

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"I am impressed by the work and commitment of Smile Foundation to improve the quality of life and empower the underprivileged. I believe that India is a complex country and one cannot expect politicians to solve every issue. Hence, I feel duty bound to support your organisation in its endeavours."

Murali Subramaniam
United Kingdom

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"I am so touched and moved by seeing there are still people who do really care about children and their on going plight. Your foundation is doing a noble deed for the upliftment of our society, whose main components are the children. Keep up the good work and if in any way i am able to contribute please let me know." 

Harpreet Kaur Gandhi 

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"I am a student in 11th grade in the Dubai Modern High School, UAE. I visited this site a few months back and I was touched by your work. So, I initiated a Book Sale in our school and finally collected a huge amount. We would love to help these children." 

Anusha Ramesh