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Jindals lays foundation of learning in interiors of Orissa

Jindal Stainless Ltd. (JSL) and Smile Foundation have joined hands to bring positive changes in the lives of hundreds of underprivileged children residing in the villages of Jajpur district in Orissa. The Mission Education Jajpur project undertaken under the corporate social responsibility initiative of JSL, gives more emphasis on the enrolment of girl child.

Ranked fourth amongst the top ten Indian business houses, JSL has for long been working towards the betterment of the society. Its social initiative includes reaching out to the most backward areas of the country and thus paving the way for the underprivileged to progress.

This unique plant based partnership of Smile Foundation with JSL is an effort to meet the educational demand of the underserved community of Jajpur district, Orissa. The Mission Education Jajpur

Project of Smile Foundation with JSL will focus on

•  Raising the local literacy rate
•  Bridging the literacy specific gender gaps
•  Orienting children to non- formal education
•  Mainstreaming the marginalised to formal education system
•  Make people aware of the local/ national issues

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The 2001 census report:

Population of Orissa- 3, 67, 06,920
Population in the age group of 0 to 6 years- 51, 80,551
Literacy rate of persons of seven years age and above- 63.61 per cent
Male literacy rate- 75.95 per cent
Female literacy rate- 50.97 per cent
(A wide gap of literacy between males and females is prominently evident)

Population of Jajpur- 19,00,054
Rural population- 18,14,649
Urban population- 85,405

Project Location

Non Formal Education Centres:
- Tikori
- Marutikar
- Jakhapura
- Manitira
- Trijunga

Remedial Education Centres:
- Jakhapura
- Kumbhari Gadia
- Gulaam Rasool
- Danagadi

The project

The Mission Education Jajpur project will initiate the setting up of five Non- Formal Educational (NFE) centres and adoption of five existing government schools in 16 select villages. The project has been conceptualized keeping in mind the interest of the children, local community, local government and other associated stakeholders.

Under the initiative, JSL and Smile Foundation share the common vision of nation building by facilitating the educational/ mental/ physical growth of young underprivileged children in the region. The project has the dual purpose of educating the underprivileged as well as developing the area in the plant’s vicinity.

Main objectives of the project

• Provide Non-Formal Education (NFE) to non-school going children and bringing them under the education network
• Mainstreaming NFE children in the formal school
• Provide remedial education to school going underprivileged children to enable them to keep pace with the privileged class
• Involve local inhabitants of the community in the process of project implementation and thus create goodwill of JSL
• Aim at optimum mobilization of the local community by providing quality education to the children, fulfilling basic health care needs of locals,   creating awareness about relevant social issues and paving the way towards sustainable development

Community Mobilisationthe mantra
By involving the community and generating awareness among the locals, the project aims to achieve its objective. The emphasis will be on the maximum enrolment of girl children to address the problem of prevalent gender disparity in the region. Along with basic education subjects, the students will also be exposed to scientific tools, exposure visits, other educational kits and material etc. All NFE centres will run for 4-5 hours daily, which will be followed by remedial classes during the second half of the day.

Focus on:
The adoption of five government schools in the region shall strengthen the quality of education in the existing school structure. Infrastructural facilities like toilets, drinking water supply, libraries, laboratories, cupboards etc will be developed and students will be able to avail remedial classes on various subjects. In addition, the project aims at equipping two schools with computer labs. Eight computers with peripherals, software, 3-D animation, necessary furniture, cupboards, reference books, power back-up etc will be provided in the selected schools.

The project also proposes to conduct vocational training courses for the underprivileged, equip them with diverse skills and thus help them lead a self-dependent life.

Smile Foundation with support from corporate giants like Jindal Stainless Limited is gradually progressing ahead towards achieving its larger objective of reaching out to the un-reached.

DSC07642Smile Foundation in collaboration with Jindal Stainless Limited is doing excellent works by providing educational support to the children of economically vulnerable section of the society. Being a journalist, I have attended a number of programmes of Smile Foundation and have gauged the depth of their affection for the people of Jajpur. I hope they will definitely reach their destination and the people of Jajpur will be obliged to them because of their selfless service.

Mr. Dusmanta Ghadei, Journalist, Sambad, Jajpur, Orissa

DSC07619The children of our village were deprived of education due to poor financial condition of their parents. Though, they were interested to study, their parents could not provide them necessary support to continue their education. This has resulted in increase in the number of dropouts. I am very happy that Smile Foundation and Jindal Satinless limited have started two education centers in our village to provide educational support to our children. The people of this village will never forget such benevolent services of Smile Foundation and JSL.

Mr. Maguni Mallick, President, Village Education Committee, Jakhapura NFE center.

DSC07630Smile foundation and Jindal stainless limited have been doing some notable deeds in our village for the wellbeing of our children. The children who were helping their parent’s in the paddy field are now studying at the non-formal center opened by Smile Foundation in our village. Moreover, the joyfull teaching learning process, providing nutrition and uniform support to each student and keeping good contact with parents are some of the marvellous deeds that Smile foundation has been doing in our village. I am confident that they can change the face of our village by virtue of their noble work.               

 Mr. KapilaTarei, Village Education Committee member, Tikara NFE center.